Find the next file after a successful FindFirst SysUtils unit
 function FindNext ( var SearchResults : TSearchRec ) : Integer;
The FindNext function looks for the next matching file, as defined in the search criteria given by the preceding FindFirst call. The found file details are stored in SearchResults and the return value is 0. Otherwise the return value is negative.
You must have performed a successful FindFirst before calling this routine.
You must call FindClose after calling FindNext for the last time in order to free up resources.
Related commands
FileSearch Search for a file in one or more directories
FindClose Closes a successful FindFirst file search
FindFirst Finds all files matching a file mask and attributes
TSearchRec Record used to hold data for FindFirst and FindNext
Example code : Search for all Unit1.d* files in the current directory
  searchResult : TSearchRec;

  // Try to find regular files matching Unit1.d* in the current dir
  if FindFirst('Unit1.d*', faAnyFile, searchResult) = 0 then
      ShowMessage('File name = '+searchResult.Name);
      ShowMessage('File size = '+IntToStr(searchResult.Size));
    until FindNext(searchResult) <> 0;

    // Must free up resources used by these successful finds
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   File name = Unit1.dcu
   File size = 4382
   File name = Uni1.dfm
   File size = 524
   File name = Uni1.ddp
   File size = 51