Type   Name   Summary
 Type   Cardinal   The basic unsigned integer type
 Keyword   Case   A mechanism for acting upon different values of an Ordinal
 Function   CelsiusToFahrenheit   Convert a celsius temperature into fahrenheit
 Function   ChangeFileExt   Change the extension part of a file name
 Type   Char   Variable type holding a single character
 Procedure   ChDir   Change the working drive plus path for a specified drive
 Function   Chr   Convert an integer into a character
 Keyword   Class   Starts the declaration of a type of object class
 Procedure   Close   Closes an open file
 Procedure   CloseFile   Closes an open file
 Variable   CmdLine   Holds the execution text used to start the current program
 Type   Comp   A 64 bit signed integer
 Function   CompareStr   Compare two strings to see which is greater than the other
 Function   CompareText   Compare two strings for equality, ignoring case
 Function   CompareValue   Compare numeric values with a tolerance
 Function   Concat   Concatenates one or more strings into one string
 Keyword   Const   Starts the definition of fixed data values
 Keyword   Constructor   Defines the method used to create an object from a class
 Procedure   Continue   Forces a jump to the next iteration of a loop
 Function   Convert   Convert one measurement value to another
 Function   Copy   Create a copy of part of a string or an array
 Function   Cos   The Cosine of a number
 Function   CreateDir   Create a directory
 Type   Currency   A floating point type with 4 decimals used for financial values
 Variable   CurrencyDecimals   Defines decimal digit count in the Format function
 Variable   CurrencyFormat   Defines currency string placement in curr display functions
 Variable   CurrencyString   The currency string used in currency display functions
 Function   CurrToStr   Convert a currency value to a string
 Function   CurrToStrF   Convert a currency value to a string with formatting