Type   Name   Summary
 Function   Tan   The Tangent of a number
 Type   TBits   An object that can hold an infinite number of Boolean values
 Variable   TConvFamily   Defines a family of measurement types as used by Convert
 Type   TConvType   Defines a measurement type as used by Convert
 Type   TDateTime   Data type holding a date and time value
 Type   Text   Defines a file as a text file
 Type   TextFile   Declares a file type for storing lines of text
 Type   TFloatFormat   Formats for use in floating point number display functions
 Type   TFormatSettings   A record for holding locale values for thread-safe functions
 Keyword   Then   Part of an if statement - starts the true clause
 Variable   ThousandSeparator   The character used to display the thousands separator
 Keyword   ThreadVar   Defines variables that are given separate instances per thread
 Function   Time   Gives the current time
 Variable   TimeAMString   Determines AM value in DateTimeToString procedure
 Variable   TimePMString   Determines PM value in DateTimeToString procedure
 Variable   TimeSeparator   The character used to separate display time fields
 Function   TimeToStr   Converts a TDateTime time value to a string
 Type   TList   General purpose container of a list of objects
 Keyword   To   Prefixes an incremental for loop target value
 Type   TObject   The base class type that is ancestor to all other classes
 Function   Tomorrow   Gives the date tomorrow
 Type   TOpenDialog   Displays a file selection dialog
 Type   TPoint   Holds X and Y integer values
 Type   TPrintDialog   Class that creates a printer selection and control dialog
 Type   TRect   Holds rectangle coordinate values
 Type   TReplaceFlags   Defines options for the StringReplace routine
 Function   Trim   Removes leading and trailing blanks from a string
 Function   TrimLeft   Removes leading blanks from a string
 Function   TrimRight   Removes trailing blanks from a string
 Function   Trunc   The integer part of a floating point number
 Procedure   Truncate   Truncates a file size - removes all data after the current position
 Keyword   Try   Starts code that has error trapping
 Type   TSaveDialog   Displays a dialog for selecting a save file name
 Type   TSearchRec   Record used to hold data for FindFirst and FindNext
 Type   TStringList   Holds a variable length list of strings
 Type   TSysCharSet   Characters used by supplied string parsing functions
 Type   TThreadFunc   Defines the function to be called by BeginThread
 Variable   TwoDigitYearCenturyWindow   Sets the century threshold for 2 digit year string conversions
 Keyword   Type   Defines a new category of variable or process