Type   Name   Summary
 Compiler Directive   $MinEnumSize   Sets the minimum storage used to hold enumerated types
 Function   Max   Gives the maximum of two integer values
 Constant   MaxInt   The maximum value an Integer can have
 Constant   MaxLongInt   The maximum value an LongInt can have
 Function   Mean   Gives the average for a set of numbers
 Function   MessageDlg   Displays a message, symbol, and selectable buttons
 Function   MessageDlgPos   Displays a message plus buttons at a given screen position
 Function   Min   Gives the minimum of two integer values
 Constant   MinsPerDay   Gives the number of minutes in a day
 Procedure   MkDir   Make a directory
 Keyword   Mod   Performs integer division, returning the remainder
 Constant   MonthDays   Gives the number of days in a month
 Function   MonthOfTheYear   Gives the month of the year for a TDateTime value
 Procedure   Move   Copy bytes of data from a source to a destination