Type   Name   Summary
 Keyword   Packed   Compacts complex data types into minimal storage
 Type   PAnsiChar   A pointer to an AnsiChar value
 Type   PAnsiString   Pointer to an AnsiString value
 Function   ParamCount   Gives the number of parameters passed to the current program
 Function   ParamStr   Returns one of the parameters used to run the current program
 Type   PChar   A pointer to an Char value
 Type   PCurrency   Pointer to a Currency value
 Type   PDateTime   Pointer to a TDateTime value
 Type   PExtended   Pointer to a Extended floating point value
 Function   Pi   The mathematical constant
 Type   PInt64   Pointer to an Int64 value
 Function   Point   Generates a TPoint value from X and Y values
 Type   Pointer   Defines a general use Pointer to any memory based data
 Function   PointsEqual   Compares two TPoint values for equality
 Function   Pos   Find the position of one string in another
 Function   Pred   Decrement an ordinal variable
 Function   Printer   Returns a reference to the global Printer object
 Directive   Private   Starts the section of private data and methods in a class
 Keyword   Procedure   Defines a subroutine that does not return a value
 Procedure   ProcessPath   Split a drive/path/filename string into its constituent parts
 Keyword   Program   Defines the start of an application
 Function   PromptForFileName   Shows a dialog allowing the user to select a file
 Keyword   Property   Defines controlled access to class fields
 Directive   Protected   Starts a section of class private data accesible to sub-classes
 Type   PShortString   A pointer to an ShortString value
 Type   PString   Pointer to a String value
 Function   PtInRect   Tests to see if a point lies within a rectangle
 Directive   Public   Starts an externally accessible section of a class
 Directive   Published   Starts a published externally accessible section of a class
 Type   PVariant   Pointer to a Variant value
 Type   PWideChar   Pointer to a WideChar
 Type   PWideString   Pointer to a WideString value