Type   Name   Summary
 Function   FahrenheitToCelsius   Convert a fahrenheit temperature into celsius
 Keyword   File   Defines a typed or untyped file
 Function   FileAge   Get the last modified date/time of a file without opening it
 Function   FileDateToDateTime   Converts a file date/time format to a TDateTime value
 Function   FileExists   Returns true if the given file exists
 Function   FileGetAttr   Gets the attributes of a file
 Variable   FileMode   Defines how Reset opens a binary file
 Function   FilePos   Gives the file position in a binary or text file
 Function   FileSearch   Search for a file in one or more directories
 Function   FileSetAttr   Sets the attributes of a file
 Function   FileSetDate   Set the last modified date and time of a file
 Function   FileSize   Gives the size in records of an open file
 Procedure   FillChar   Fills out a section of storage with a fill character or byte value
 Keyword   Finally   Starts the unconditional code section of a Try statement
 Function   FindClose   Closes a successful FindFirst file search
 Function   FindCmdLineSwitch   Determine whether a certain parameter switch was passed
 Function   FindFirst   Finds all files matching a file mask and attributes
 Function   FindNext   Find the next file after a successful FindFirst
 Function   FloatToStr   Convert a floating point value to a string
 Function   FloatToStrF   Convert a floating point value to a string with formatting
 Procedure   Flush   Flushes buffered text file data to the file
 Keyword   For   Starts a loop that executes a finite number of times
 Function   ForceDirectories   Create a new path of directories
 Function   Format   Rich formatting of numbers and text into a string
 Function   FormatCurr   Rich formatting of a currency value into a string
 Function   FormatDateTime   Rich formatting of a TDateTime variable into a string
 Function   FormatFloat   Rich formatting of a floating point number into a string
 Function   Frac   The fractional part of a floating point number
 Procedure   FreeAndNil   Free memory for an object and set it to nil
 Procedure   FreeMem   Free memory storage used by a variable
 Keyword   Function   Defines a subroutine that returns a value